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As a precision player, you are always controlling the ball, the pace of the game and demanding the attention of your defender. You command an elite head like the Surgeon 700 that features the most custom pockets possible, so you are able to attack, pass, shoot, and dodge at the exact moment of your choosing


The STX Surgeon 700 features:

  • 20 sidewall holes, two sidewall rails, and one Channel LockTM for unmatched pocket control.
  • A recessed stringing hole in the center of the scoop allows you to string tighter channels than ever before.
  • All-new Suspension Rail, which creates a unique customizable stringing system for enhanced ball retention.
  • Enduraform construction; a brand new, proprietary material blend that enhances performance in a wider array of temperatures.

STX Surgeon 700 Lacrosse Head

$109.99 Regular Price
$89.99Sale Price
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